Ms. Fortune

  I started cross stitching again. For the stress haha. Here's my first little one. Ms. Fortune from Neko Atsume. I think I might work my way through all the specials. They are super adorable and I like the size. She looks super cute on my windowsill. She took maybe, 6 hours? I don't really... Continue Reading →

Get to know me

Here are 25 'get to know me' questions and answers for those of you that are a little curious 🙂 Are you named after anyone? I am named after the youngest Ewok princess from the Star Wars Ewok spin off cartoon that happened in the 80's. Its a real thing. Look it up When was... Continue Reading →

Live Slow, Die Whenever

So a little while ago, I got into Hama beads (or Perler beads) and made a few things that I framed and made into gifts for people. My favourite is probably my Slowpoke. As in Pokemon Slowpoke. I used the sprite from Pokemon Silver as the reference, because look at him. He's upside down. Was... Continue Reading →

New Home Wish List

As you should all be well aware by now, I will be moving into my own little studio flat at the end of June, and starting a new chapter in my life solo. Obviously I'm going to make a few wishlists for a few different places. Amazon and Ikea are my favourites, so here's a... Continue Reading →

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