Hi Guys! So I've had an awful lot going on lately, just thought I'd give you an update! I GOT A NEW JOB! I can't really give you much more info than that, but its more money and potentially less work, which is good as I want to start studying for my degree in Graphic … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes!



A friend of mine suggest that I start streaming video games and things. So I am. Twitch: AshaKetcum Youtube: Asha Ketchum I have no idea what I'm doing. I suppose to start with it will just be me playing games and chatting nonsense. If I get enough watchers I might add video of myself eventually. … Continue reading Twitch

Another cat cross stitch!

So I've done another little guy. He's not as colourful as Ms. Fortune, but I feel like he demonstrates quite clearly how I've been feeling recently. Pattern from Pinterest. About 5 hours work. Anchor thread and 14 count aida cloth used 🙂 Comments and criticism welcome A-


Ms. Fortune

  I started cross stitching again. For the stress haha. Here's my first little one. Ms. Fortune from Neko Atsume. I think I might work my way through all the specials. They are super adorable and I like the size. She looks super cute on my windowsill. She took maybe, 6 hours? I don't really … Continue reading Ms. Fortune


Live Slow, Die Whenever

So a little while ago, I got into Hama beads (or Perler beads) and made a few things that I framed and made into gifts for people. My favourite is probably my Slowpoke. As in Pokemon Slowpoke. I used the sprite from Pokemon Silver as the reference, because look at him. He's upside down. Was … Continue reading Live Slow, Die Whenever


Mermaid Blankey

My Nan has been in and out of hospital quite regularly in the last year and a bit. She has a pretty bad case of COPD and has trouble keeping her oxygen levels up to a useful standard. She is very small. And very thin. And because of that she is always cold. Now since this … Continue reading Mermaid Blankey