New Hair

Hello my lovely followers!

For those of you that don’t know, I LOVE dyeing my hair.

Here are an embarrassing collection of selfies showing my ridiculous hair over the years..

The point of all this, is that this weekend, I plan on dying my hair again. Its quite short at the moment so its relatively easy for me to manage on my own. I will however be going to my parents to do it. I ruined their bathroom with hair dye years ago, my bathroom is new and I’d like my deposit back when I leave haha.

I’m thinking red, orange and yellow. Red on top, orange and yellow underneath. I have idea how I want it to look in my head. Whether it ends up that way, we can only guess. Either way, I’ll pretend its how I wanted it no matter what it end up looking like.

Watch this space for updates peeps!



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